welcome back, today we’ll be taking a look at top seven most reliable American SUV as 2024

Number 4: Chevrolet Equinox.

The latest Chevrolet Equinox cruising the road since 2018 has had a

bit of a roller coaster ride in the reliability Department while Consumer

Reports isn’t singing its Praises just yet think more of a polite hum both JD

Power and repair pull offer some reassurance JD Power gives the 2024

Equinox a thumbs up for predicted reliability suggesting you’ll likely

face fewer trips to the mechanic than the average car in its class that’s a

good sign repair pole chimes in with a four out of five reliability rating

which translates to repairs being a bit more serious than average but thankfully

happening less often so while you might face a bigger Bill if something does

does go wrong breakdown shouldn’t be a constant

worry overall the 2024 Equinox seems to be a case of wait and see the good news

is that potential problems appear less frequent and ownership costs seem

reasonable if reliability is your top priority it might be wise to do some

extra research and see how ownership experiences shake out over the next

couple of years but if the Equinox takes all your other boxes it might still be a

contender just be sure to factor potential repairs into your decision.

Number 3: Ford Expedition.

The latest Ford Expedition cruising the road since 2018 has received mixed reviews on

the reliability front while Consumer Reports

hasn’t issued a specific reliability score for the 2024 Expedition just yet

JD Power weighed in with a slightly above average rating of 83 out of 100

repair pole a website that analyzes repair costs assigns the 2024 Expedition

a four out of five star rating for predicted reliability placing it

slightly better than average compared to other full-size

SUVs these scores suggest that the 2024 Expedition should hold its own in terms

of reliability but it’s not quite a star student there are some potential bumps

along the road to consider while the twin turbo V6 engine under the exterior

is known for its muscle some owners have reported issues with the infotainment

system and a few niggling electrical problems the

takeaway the 2024 Expedition offers a spacious interior strong towing capacity

and a comfortable ride but keeping an eye on maintenance in potential niggles

might be wise overall the latest Ford Expedition seems to be a Fairly reliable

option especially when compared to repair costs.

Number 2: Lincoln Nautilus.

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus might be the Chariot that whisks you away to

Luxurious Comfort but will it leave you stranded on the side of the road let’s delve into its

dependability JD Power the auto industry’s Le bestowed an 87 out of 100

on the Nautilus for quality and reliability this translates to owners

reporting fewer problems than average in the first 3 years of ownership sounds

promising right repair pole another name in the car prognostication business

doesn’t have specific ratings for the 2024 Nautilus yet however they assign

the 2023 Model A four out of five for predicted reliability placing it

slightly above average compared to other luxury SUVs

while these scores paint a Rosy picture it’s always wise to consider real world

experiences Consumer Reports known for its non-nonsense approach is still

evaluating the 2024 nautiluses reliability so keep an eye out for their

verdict to get a more comprehensive idea of how the Nautilus fares in the long

run in conclusion the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus seems to be steering towards

reliability but staying tuned for long-term reviews from Consumer Reports

wouldn’t hurt before you make your grand entrance behind the wheel.

Number 1: Buick incore.

The latest Buick incore might surprise you in the reliability

Department earning a thumbs up from repair pole the 2024 incore scores a 4.5

out of five for reliability placing it among the top contenders in the subcompact SUV

category this translates to an annual repair cost averaging around $466 which

is friendly on the wallet while repairs might not be the most frequent

occurrence the good news is that when they do pop up they unlikely to be major

thanks to the encore’s average severity rating JD Power chimes in with a similar

sentiment awarding The Encore and great rating of 88 out of 100 in the quality

and reliability Department this score takes into account the number of

problems owners experienced during the first 90 days of ownership so you can

Cruise confidently knowing that unexpected breakdowns are likely to be a rare

site it’s worth noting that some earlier incor models had a few reported engine

issues particularly the 2017 model year however these concerns seem to have been

addressed as complaints have dwindled significantly for later model

years overall the Buick incor appears to be a reliable Choice offering peace of

mind to go along with its comfortable ride so if a Dependable subcompact usuv

is on your radar The Encore is definitely worth a test

drive and with this we have reached the end of this post.


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