Top 5 luxury cars to buy in 2024-2025 | Luxury Sedans and Suvs

Hello friends, today we’ll talk about luxurious vehicles that you can buy in 2024-2025.

Number 5: Bentley Continental GT.

The Bentley Continental GT may be built on Porsche Panamera

under pinnings but that is in no way a bad thing as both cars feature in this

top 5 list the only two door on our list this is a luxury ground touring

Coupe that will not break a sweat when being driven across continents hence the

name power is plentiful too with a choice of either 500 25 horsepower v8 or

626 horsepower W12 engine the interior is a treat to anyone lucky enough to sit

inside with inspiration taken from the wings of the Bentley badge the dashboard

for example wings majestically out from the central console before continuing

into the door trims circling the occupants with a ring of wood

and leather along with a lavish design the cabin features an array of Technology

including Bang up toate infotainment and Safety Systems there is also a bundle of

new chassis Tech that help give the Continental GT its great driver feeling

on the road as with the Flying Spur and Benta Bentley also updated the

Continental GT’s trim level range to include the Azure model which add a

suite of driver assistance features air purifiers and 22 front seat adjustment.

Number 4: Rolls-Royce Phantom.


There is no doubt that the Phantom is an incredible car it’s powered by a 6.75 L

V12 petrol engine which produces 563 horsepower and a satisfying 900 Newton M

of torque this allows you to plant your right foot and Accelerate from a

standstill to 62 mph in 5.3 seconds and on to a limited top speed of 155 mph the

price is suitably large to go with the rolls Grand dimensions and 21 or 22 in

Wheels as the least you can expect to pay is north of £300,000 so much as look

at the options list and you will find that figure heading beyond the £400,000

mark on the it is unbelievably quiet and comfortable as you would expect but

should you find yourself in the driver’s seat you will have a mixture of features

to make sure you enjoy your time there firstly there is four-wheel steering to

Aid in lows speeed Maneuvers and highspeed stability then there is the

air suspension and active roll management to prevent unwanted lurching

of the body through the corners all of which make this enormous car a lot

easier to keep under control.

Number 3: Porsche Panamera.

The current Panamera has has been around since 2016 but a facelift in 2021 kept

it feeling as fresh as ever with an estate sport Turismo version now

available your dog can Savor the luxury too like the Porsche 911 the Panamera is

a masterclass in evolution ahead of Revolution when it comes to its

development while it hasn’t been around anywhere near as long it’s clear that

the latest Panamera is a logical progression from its predecessor

thankfully that means it looks more appealing than the original the lines

have been smoothed out yet the 911 styling cues remain while the driving

experience has been enhanced to boost its range of ability it’s just as driver

focused as before so it’s a pleasure to drive quickly and it has performance by

the bucket load but the air suspension can be switched to comfort mode at the

Press of a button to keep backseat occupants comfortable and unruffled as

before there are standard and S models rear and four-wheel drive is available

and there are also e hybrid Turbo Turbo S and GTS models to choose from whatever

model you choose the paname will be able to conquer long Journeys with ease.

Number 2: Bentley Benta.

The Benta may be criticized for driving a bit like a topspec Audi Q7 but it is still an

incredibly well polished car that puts in a strong claim to be one of the most

luxurious SUVs on the market to ensure that the Benta is up to standard when

behind the wheel it is based on the same MLB architecture in which the Q7 and

Porsche kayen are built upon to ensure that the Benta is up to standard when

behind the wheel it is based on the same MLB architecture in which the Q7 and

pors cayen are built upon should you wish to take advantage of Bentley’s most

potent powertrain for the SUV you can opt for a 6 L W12 that pumps out 626

horsepower and 900 n m of torque the launch of the Benta ewb short for

extended wheel base added 180 mm to the SUV’s length which all came Behind the B

pillar for the benefit of rear passengers Bentley’s air seat

specification is much more comfortable than it sounds and it is able to make

tiny adjustments in the seat to support your posture and keep rear passengers relaxed.

Number 1: Mercedes EQS.

The Mercedes s+ has long been seen by many as a staple of luxury cars so when the

all electric EQS was first announced all eyes were on it to see if it could

deliver the same high standards into a new market

this pressure was only increased with the arrival of newcomer EV Rivals like

the Lucid air fortunately for Mercedes it really has managed to deliver on

these Great Expectations the eqs meets all of the luxury Kai Essentials it’s

spacious stylish comfortable and absolutely loaded with tech although

many of the top features are optional extras the EQS can be speced with a

large range of features such as a burm surround sound system active ambient

lighting remote parking massaging seats and even the bronze air balance system

which features an air ionizer and diffuses fragrances around the cabin the

eqs doesn’t just impress on the luxury front either as it boasts brilliant

battery range thanks to a huge 107.8 Kow battery and aerodynamic design.


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